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Lune/Brink Industrial B.V.


Voltastraat 28
7903 AB Hoogeveen


Voltastraat 28
7903 AB Hoogeveen


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Lune is a part of Brink Industrial, which specializes in innovative solutions for metal working since 1903. Brink Industrial is a family-run company with a good nose for trends. Nowadays, our focus at Lune, is developing professional waste systems.

These waste separations systems in stainless steel and aluminium, which can be used both outside as inside, are defined by an optimal combination of form and functionality.  Lune offers you a wide assortment of waste bins and clever waste separation systems. Our waste systems are developed in cooperation with successful international designers and architects. A large part of our waste separation system is a flexible format so that it can be easily switched if the desire to change the waste streams arises. We have extensive experience in dealing with waste in the workplace and we can supply “tools” to improve the waste separation process. Our process is based on an understanding of well engineered products and the role they play in the recycling efforts of the organisations.

Lune offers you, a partner in the change process of waste collection to waste separation at the source. We are more than a waste bins supplier, we are Lune!

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